Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Author Appearance at Strasburg Train Station's Steampunk Unlimited on October 16th-18th 2015 (and Some Notes about SWF)

 Glorious day, everyone! Sorry, I haven't been able to blog for a while. I have been busy promoting Madame Lola's Marvelously Amazing Medicine Show since last October. That is a good thing, I guess. Here is a link to purchase a hardcopy or Kindle download through Amazon and WragsInk Publishing (my Indie Publisher):

Here is my Goodreads page where you can see or place a review:

Check out my personal Goodreads Author Dash to learn a little more about my life as a writer and human being:

Don't forget! We will have a whole table of Marvelously Amazing books and items found in the series: New Orleans beads, voodoo dolls, worry dolls, steampunk jewelry, locomotive buckles, Wash Away Your Malevolence (homemade soaps), Madame Lola's Millinery (wearable paper hats with charms inside) and much much more.

Now more about the event at the train station in Strasburg, PA...

We have been asked by so many venues and so many fans and so many supporters to join up for all the steampunk fun! Madame Lola and my family (including my wiener dog, The Marvelously Amazing Dexter) have been to the beaches of Cape May, to the banks of New Orleans, and to the rolling greenery of Piscataway (at the Steampunk World's Fair). The last of which, I wanted to give a short review and info on how to attend this year (some specific details TBA).

 First, I have some exciting news for Fall 2015. We are going to kick off the new school year and give steampunk-loving families their first taste of freedom from school in the 2000's. Are you ready? The lovely people at the Strasburg Train Station, in Pennsylvania, have created (for the third time or so) Steampunk Unlimited. This event, I have to say, is going to make us time travelers, who feel at ease in the Victorian Era spiced up with our steam inventions, excited to be alive. The beautiful, historical trains are the backdrop for this event and there is more, more, more. I have to post a link in fear that I will not mention it all correctly. I do not want to leave anything out that may deter some fun people from visiting Dexter and I in our marvelously amazing steampunk voodoo booth. Here is the link to the authors and artisans who will be joining me:

From the link above, I bet by now, you have perused the whole event. Good for you! It is a steam wonder, isn't it? There is nothing more grounding in our genre as to be dropped right into the action of moving steamers and beautiful Victorian outfits. And the bands! Did I mention the musicians that are going to be there?

 I really enjoy when I am selling my books and wares, and it is almost evening, the sun is setting, and in the distance, up on the stage (we usually choose to set up outside because of this) Frenchy and the Punk start to jam. I am pretty sure they are playing Saturday night and Sunday afternoon, so don't miss it. Check that music schedule! There is a link to everything from dining to hotels. From what I hear, there is a cool steamboat hotel link with Victorian rooms that you can visit (I signed on late, and it was booked up. That's okay, with a playful dachshund, I need space in a suite far away, where he gets a breakfast and a break from his fans. Dex has his own fans. He is an amazing groupie and salesman. Actually, sometimes, I am his groupie, I'm pretty sure of it now). Check out the dining cars, and I am reading in the caboose on Saturday and Sunday (TBA).

I promised to tell you (in as few words as possible so you can go buy tickets for Steam Unlimited and SWF 2016) all about Steampunk World's Fair 2015.

The SWF happens usually in May. In 2015, the theme was the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. I missed the mark on bringing my Dark Alice costume. Yikes! I had one, but I brought every other piece of costume I had. Don't know what I was thinking. Anyway, my job is to meet possible fans and network to get to more events to do the same. We really shouldn't take away from the lovely costumed visitors that pay to attend. Our table was tricked out enough, and I did wear the steam garb, but boy, did I underestimate the number of costumes I needed. It was hot, hot, and rained, and the next evening, it rained again. During the day, it was steamy for sure and this culminated in mass amounts of water and dirt and lightning. Everyone did enjoy the plentiful rooms of two massive hotels and outside sections filled to the brim to shop, eat, and teatime as a steam enthusiast. This was awesome for many hours on end, but the following rainstorms shut down both tent parties that I was looking forward to on Friday and Saturday evening. Still, they had plenty of indoor stuff, and I had my sideshow voodoo lights on and lanterns and candles ready to go....but...boom...closed down for safety reasons. Can't argue with nature. They were bad storms. Books don't fare well in storms. We had to suck it up, pack it up, and fill up our bellies at a local restaurant. We wanted to go back to hangout with the attendees at the hotel bar, but we watched late night T.V. with Dex. We felt bad to leave him, he was scared of the boomers.

See? We are Dexter's groupies! I told you.

Anyway, Mother Nature was not a fan of SWF in 2015, but that shouldn't discourage you from the awesome event for 2016. It was the most marvelously amazing thing I've ever seen. This is a massive event with everything imaginable for steampunk fans (they open up extra hotel rooms for vendors to take over in BOTH hotels). The coolest thing I witnessed at SWF was the moving vendors with tea in canister backpacks, filling the teacups of any customer, any attendees, who were craving their high tea or four o' clock fix. I am not sure if the links are all filled for the event this year (it takes them a whole year to set up this wonder, and M Events go all out on the planning. They start the very next day of closing the fair). I will post a link here...I'm sure you can figure it out as it fills. Here is a placemat for now:

I promise this link is amazing when it is filled. It takes time, but when it's coming together note by note, it's a steampunk masterpiece to be viewed daily by your fire, whilst sipping tea.

If you are curious about steampunk, yet you are scared to visit one of these events (due to feeling out of place), then the creator of the Steampunk World's Fair wrote a nice blog on why you have to fear nevermore. This letter touches on everything that may both confuse and excite you, and it was originally posted on February 11, 2012. Here it is: on the Steampunk World's Fair Website.

I have probably distracted you enough from your daily schedule, dear readers. I will let you go on one condition---you come back to check on Madame Lola and my future books' upcoming schedules. See where we are going as a steampunk team with our Marvelously Amazing Medicine Show and continue to visit the wonderful people in the links above. If I can give any last advice on attending these events, it would be to book your hotels early (as you can see, we missed staying in some great steampunk-author-worthy digs) Also, get your tickets early, because sometimes there is an early bird special available. Come buy our book and meet Dex! We are excited to be reading in the caboose at Stasburg with some authors that we both love and admire. Please check the reading schedule on Saturday the 17th and Sunday the 18th! Come and fan out and squeal over cool inventions and costumes with us.

We would love to meet you all,
Cathy T. Colborn (and family)

Saturday, November 1, 2014

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Goodreads Book Giveaway

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Madame Lola's Marvelously Amazing Medicine Show

by Cathy T. Colborn

Giveaway ends November 13, 2014.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Official Announcement of Madame Lola's Marvelously Amazing Medicine Show (available through Amazon, Kindle, and at selected stores/events)

Amazon Link to Preview and Purchase: Madame Lola's Facebook Fan Page: Goodreads Author Page:

Friday, March 14, 2014

Poem up at Burlesque Press

Photo: Cathy T. Colborn

There are a few announcements to be made here, but at the moment, I am running around for my family. I will be back later with a much longer blog post.

For now, in this moment, I want to send you to an amazing link that is run by amazing people.
My poem, Appalachian is up at Burlesque Press. The poem is a triptych. A triptych is a set of three, but in this creative case, I put a modern spin on it. The poem is two separate works that tell individual sides of a story that can be combined to reveal the truth. Please go to this link and read it:

WRITERS! I would love to see your take on a triptych. Like I said, it can be written many ways. Research the process and see what you get. Some people are very artistic with the form. If you would like to send a link to your poem or check out my guidelines at, (my literary journal), that would be awesome (please go to the link for guidelines only). Please submit the poem and author bio to
As always, I LOVE to hear from you.

More later, BIG NEWS! Stay posted!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Temple Radio Slot Cancelled Due to Weather! More dates coming soon!

Announcement: Radio slot cancelled due to weather. More info to come on rescheduling. Keep warm. Be safe.
Announcement: Due to the weather, the Temple radio show may or may not go on without us. It's dangerous out there. I'd have to walk a mile to the train, and I can't break anything. Postponed date pending. More info soon. Thanks for almost tuning in, friends=) — feeling down.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Cathy T. Colborn on Temple Radio! (SORRY, CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER)

Cathy T. Colborn on Temple radio, this Monday, Feb. 3rd, @ 8.45P.M. Readings, discussions, and plain old silliness. The WragsInk crew and my squeaky tones piercing the sound waves...tune it in. Turn it up.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year, Happy New Writing Goals

"New Year Flowerworks," Photo by Cathy T. Colborn

First, great news! I have been published in an anthology by WragsInk called, Strangers of Different Ink.   I've been busy promoting the collection and finishing up my MFA, so sorry if I haven't posted in a while. Strangers is available on Amazon here:

Please buy a copy or pass the word to fans of short story collections, because the tales are really great. Leave a review. It will be much appreciated. I have an article on my short historical fiction piece in Strangers of Different Ink here:

This news has inspired me to once again bring up two things: making connections online and succeeding at your writing goals. Two things which I've written about in recent blogs, but if you haven't read those here's a short recap.

Online Submission Love
Don't post your best stuff online, but send your best stuff to online publishers. It's a fine line. I know. The only way I can warn you without preaching too much is to say that once you post online (even Facebook or Twitter or personal blog), you're published. Therefore, if you wish recognition online before being in a printed book (without screwing yourself), please consider one of the many online journals. There's a publisher for everything. Be patient. Subscribe to places like Duotrope or peruse lists of open submissions online. Buy a copy of the Writer's Market. It's heavy and a bit of cash, but it's updated every year and easy to maneuver. Nothing is left for guessing. It'll payoff. You'll build an author bio and if patient enough, you may end up in a "best of" print anthology. I speak from experience. Two times.
How about starting by submitting your work to my journal, Philly Flash Inferno.

Ongoing theme: The Seven Deadly Sins/redemption. You can find guidelines and archived issues here: Just be kind and don't hate if your stuff is not what we're looking for. Always remember writing is subjective. Grow a thick skin or die. Don't burn bridges...we're in this together...and all of that.

Now for some recap on New Year Writing Resolutions Rules that are worth a try:

Here are my top five suggestions:

1) Make a Short Term Writing Goal
Short term...meaning just that.
Example: "Within the next few months I'd like to have at least one acceptance letter."
Start with a low number. If you pass it (or even reach it), you'll really savor the reward.
2) Make a Long Term Goal for the Year
You don't have to abandon the idea of the Award Winning, Accepted Movie Rights book. Instead, you can make other things happen while the big hit awaits. If it doesn't happen, you'll find you've made many small successes (like added to that art/writing bio they always ask for).
3) Don't Throw in the Writing Towel if You Immediately Make Your Short/Long Term Goal
Okay, so maybe it's getting close to the end of the year, and you didn't get that book deal, but in February, you made a spread in "Insert Some College Review Here." That doesn't mean sitting around the rest of the year without rebirthing the rebirth. Don't just sit on the couch watching Real House Wives of Atlanta marathons with a feedbag of Doritos. Keep submitting and see how far you can go past the original number of goals you set.
4) Don't Sellout to Make Your Goals
Just because we have them down on paper, electronically, or sworn to a friend over a holy book-why sell yourself short and check (or overwrite) it off the list? If you don't like what the company that's taking your submission is about (or editing in your piece) then why sellout for the sake of credit or chore setting? Sometimes it's just about the writing and not about making a buck. The buck is nice, but there are a lot of places that you'll be lucky if you get a PDF copy of your work (let alone small cash). Changing the message of your piece to get "writing street cred" is totally not the way to go.
5) Prepare for Next Year's Writing Rebirth in the Fall
I did very well last year with going beyond my short term goals in both my writing and art. I think in ten places I submitted each, I received three acceptances in each category. I didn't sit on the couch and eat a hefty bag of caramel popcorn with Saturday cartoons. The submitting machine kept working on surpassing my short term goals. When the Fall leaves slowly started to let go, so did the fierce submitter, and I started to reflect and make a rough list for January 2014. That didn't mean I abandoned the writing tree I planted, I just watched its color fade and let go...piece by piece. I checked my inbox diligently and tried to get an idea of who was looking for Spring submissions (Remember: editors are always a season or two ahead).

So there you have it. I made a long term goal of being in a short story print collection in 2013 and it happened by October. I didn't make the big one for my novel being published in 2013, but I got a maybe for 2014. See? Keep pushing. Never enough. Never settle. You can make your dreams come true, but the publishers are not going to knock on your door. So keep knocking out those submissions and be heard!
Peace, Love and Luck in the New Year,
Cathy T. Colborn